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 Kupaloke ~ Travel Collection

box,bag,bottle - Kupaloke

Top Notes:  Bergamot

Mid Notes:  Lavender and Tuberose

Base Notes: Nagarmotha (Cypriol), Hennesey Cognac and Vodka.

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Einsof, Natural Perfume Guest Contributor and Art Direction: Michelyn Camen, Editor-in-Chief

This is a stunning 100% Natural fragrance that features Tuberose in a whole new light. It is about tradition and a scent that represents Hawaii in such a beautiful manner.
Review by Felicia Hazzard Fragrance Belles Lettres - The Magazine.

Kupaloke the perfume is irresistible in its own right, opening with a bright flash of bergamot and the upper register of the tuberose’s fragrance profile, the mentholated burst that makes you wonder if you are really smelling a flower. Since this a natural perfume, the next thing that hits is the crazy gasoline and rubber smell that’s the signature of this tropical temptress, bringing to mind a mini-me version of the rather alarming opening of Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle. Just as I was wondering where it was going next, something else chimed in to sweep away the funky aspects, and that is where the twist comes in - it’s lavender, of all things. I am sure there are perfumes out there with both tuberose and lavender in them, but not as the two main stars of the show in my experience. The intersection seems to lie in the affinity between the mentholated aspect of tuberose and the clean, herbal, “medicinal” character of lavender, which is decidedly not a tropical scent. Apparently, it takes a talented IPF-Certified Natural Perfumer like Ms. Larson to coax two such disparate materials into forming a bond that truly works. The lavender works its magic by highlighting the fresh, sweet facets of the tuberose, drawing its floral beauty out while keeping it from becoming too heavy and it does this while supporting the floral notes and never dominating, yet it makes its presence known nonetheless, entwined with its tropical partner. The melding of these two creates something greater than the sum of its parts, bringing a new dimension to the experience. A rich, smoky note of Nagarmotha (Cypriol) extends its longevity, and the perfume’s base is Hennessy cognac and vodka instead of the usual perfumer’s alcohol, which eliminates the unpleasant impression one encounters when first smelling many mainstream fragrances. Kupaloke is a most welcomed addition to the palette of tuberose fragrances...... Review by Donna Hathaway

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