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An Indian Summer

An Indian Summer


TOP:  Verbena, Fennel

MID: Jasmine, White Lotus, Kewra, Coriander, Ginger, Curry Leaf, Coconut and Butter CO2

BASE: Patchouli, Styrax and Hay

{Our First perfume created that includes a small amount of Synthetic Floral Musk and Butter CO2 all the rest of the ingredients are Botanical}. 

This perfume is 85-90%  natural in composition.


AN INDIAN SUMMER – by La Fleur by Livvy

The afternoon heat seemed to have gotten to her. The hot balmy air blew gently on her face as though intentionally trying to get her to nod off.  Nora dozed off in her chair; the novel she was reading was still sitting on her lap. The characters were fascinating and belonged to another time, another world; of a period in history when the East India Company traded antiques, cottons, silks and spices around the world.  A life filled with adventure and travel.  As she slipped into a gentle sleep, she could hear the gramophone play her favorite melodies. The housekeeper  brought her a glass of Lime Cordial and set it down next to her. You could smell the lime in the air.  Chef was busy making a concoction of curry mixed with spices. The jasmines bloomed in the garden and laced the air with their heady scent.




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