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Organic Bath Tea Ingredients: A blend of dried botanicals ~ cypress, rosemary, osmanthus, lemon verbena, sencha (green tea, orange and Epsom salts. Approx size 45 grams.


Place about 1/3 of the bath tea ingredients in a muslin bag and close (this will help keep it contained) Steep a warm bath and throw the tea bag in.


Bath Oil Blend Ingredients: Osmanthus, Patchouli, Cypress and Orange essential oils in Jojoba oil base with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

Approx Size 20 ml.


Using the dropper put 5-10 drops of the bath oil blend into the bath. Caution it may become slippery with the oils!  Not to exceed 2 full droppers of the oil per bath use; keep in mind the intensity of the fragrance is based on the number of drops you add to your bath. You can also use the oil on your skin after you bath as a soft fragrance.


Disclaimer. For External Use only. Do not swallow or get in your eyes.  Follow suggested use above. Caution: The oil blend added to a bath may make it slippery.  Heat a cup of lukewarm water and add some of the contents to test a patch of skin first and wait 48 hrs. If you have any allergic reactions consult your physician especially if pregnant or have existing skin sensitives and discontinue use immediately.

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