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Fleur d' Aspiration Natural EDP 50 ML

Fleur d' Aspiration Natural EDP 50 ML


Fleur d’ Aspiration Natural EDP is reminiscent of Chanel Nº5….” more specifically, a vintage edition of Nº5 Eau de Cologne or Eau de Toilette, which has a bit more nuance to it than the versions you can get today. There’s a powdery warmth that Nº5 lovers will instantly recognize, though the exclusion of aldehydes and ylang-ylang makes Fleur d’Aspiration a bit more approachable. The rose and frangipani notes add a floral elegance, while the sensuality of sandalwood grounds the overall composition. It bridges the gap between sexy and cozy.” - Chris Pond (TophCam). 


Fleur d’ Aspiration opens in quick succession that is almost non-linear. First comes the woody, powdery sandalwood, then on its heels is a green frangipani that turns creamy in the dry down, and immediately after comes a burst of juicy tart bergamot. It is more spring-like than No5, in scent and sensibility, and is utterly uplifting. Though they seem to share some commonality Chanel No5 is a grande dame, and Fleur d’Aspiration more of a spirited princess.


Notes include: Tangerine, Bergamot, Frangipani, Rose, hints of Orris, Sandalwood

Main Accords: citrus, woody, white floral, balsamic, powdery.
A Warm Floral Fragrance for Women.


Fleur d’ Aspiration is a scent that speaks to me of spring, growth, and renewal.  It opens with a beautiful rush of flowers accented by a sparkling citrus, diffusive but light and uplifting.  This bouquet wears sweetly for hours before revealing a precious and powdered sandalwood base hovering close to the skin for the rest of the day. Sandalwood mixed with notes of Bergamot and Frangipani flowers.. Michael Singels, Editor & Natural Perfumery Editor, Cafleurebon


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