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Fleur de' Seduire Natural EDP 50 ML

Fleur de' Seduire Natural EDP 50 ML


Fleur de Seduire Natural EDP is an ambery floral that smells like a living jasmine bush. It is an ingenue whose lightly indolic scent, more powerful than pheromones, leaves a bitter and sweet trail of broken hearts in her wake. The smoky resinous frankincense and myrrh are smoothed over with a balsamic note and the soapy softness of the jasmine. It beckons you to come closer and succumb to its white floral headiness that is as effective as a love potion.

De Seduire is indeed La Provacatrice.


Notes include: Bergamot, Jasmine, hints of Champaka with Myrrh, and Frankincense


Main Accords: Balsamic, smoky, white floral.
Amber Floral Fragrance for women.


My favorite of the Fleur series though is Fleur de Seduire.  A beautiful rich jasmine rests over a slightly bitter yet irresistible blend of resins.  On my skin, it wears almost as a blend of leather and incense.  A contrast of soft flower and hard resins, fighting a back and forth tug of war, it keeps the wearer on their toes and repeatedly sniffing again at their skin to see who is winning at that moment.

Michael Singels, Editor & Natural Perfumery Editor



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