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White Lotus Natural EDP 50 ML

White Lotus Natural EDP 50 ML


White Lotus Perfume: White Lotus Absolute with notes of Vetiver, Tonka Bean and a dash of Hennessey Cognac.


I absolutely LOVE this perfume! I go gaga for musks, and I could not believe how musky this one smelled. It smelled like white musk, sweet water and a clean and fragrant floral of some kind. The overall impression is like a laundry detergent type of musk, the same sort of musk I get in the base of perfumes like Dia Woman by Amouage, one of my favorites from that house. I find White Lotus to be a fairly casual perfume, perfect with a t-shirt and jeans or afternoon tea with the girls! Oh, and I wore it in the rain, and it is wonderful in rainy, humid weather. Sillage was soft and longevity was quite good, certainly at least 5-6 hours. Big love for me. I seriously never imagined I could find something that smells so much like white musk in a natural, botanical perfume. I love just about everything I sample from this house!  Review by Liz ~ Ave Parfum

Main Accords: Floral, Woody and Aromatic.
A Floral Fragrance for women and/or men.

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